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Pa.ro.pa.kar. project is targeted towards local businesses in Pashupati, Ward-8, KMC. Pashupatinath Temple is prominent World Heritage Site, which draws large numbers of visitors from different corners of the nation and the world. The cultural heritage has significantly boosted the locals' entrepreneurship and self-employment, giving rise to numerous businesses and M/SMEs. The sacred site has contributed tremendously towards the livelihoods. Recognizing this, the Pa.ro.pa.kar. initiative aims to foster innovation amongst local vendors and businesses. We work to connect and promote modern technologies, platforms, and marketing, and business instruments that accelerate business growth which directly impacts the livelihoods of local businesses.

Community Leadership, Engagement, Activism and Response (CLEAR) Program

CLEAR program contributes to the efforts of local communities and government to educate locals about socio-political issues. We work to build and enhance understanding and raise awareness amongst community members. The key messages on socio-political issues are disseminated through various training, workshops, and sessions. The ward-level programs are designed in direct consultation with the local government, local leaders, and community organizations.


Udaya is a national mentoring program that envisions providing youths with reinforcement and a platform to reach their potential. We strive to strengthen the practice of knowledge and skills sharing, learning, and unlearning for personal and professional growth. Our program enrolls youths aged 16-30 years old across Nepal who are then paired with mentors from a wide range of career fields for at least four months.
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