Our Principles and Values


We believe that collaboration and partnership are vital things to work in the development sector. It will be very difficult to work without having collaboration and partnership. So we work in collaboration and partnership with the local government and community-based organizations for program planning and execution.

Community-Centered Design

Our community members lie at the heart of Hami Udhyami. We focus on the youth, marginalized community members, and women entrepreneurs from SMEs..

All of our projects, activities, initiatives, and outreach are ideated and implemented with the perspectives, needs, and feedback of our community members in mind. This allows us to reflect, focus, and innovate solutions that make a tangible positive difference to the lives and livelihood of our people.

Accountability and Transparency

Our commitment to being accountable and transparent is rooted in our values of partnership, inclusion, and empowerment. Being transparent and accountable for our actions is essential for building trust and enabling our stakeholders to hold us to account. We truly believe that we should be accountable and transparent for the way we work, the decisions we make, and the impact we will make in the future by our work.

Our Approach

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