Limiting entrepreneurial mobility
means limiting our country


SMEs contribute only 22% to Nepal's GDP,
while it is 40% in emerging economies.

Hami Udhyami, a project of CEI, is a comprehensive entrepreneurship program with a specialized focus on students, youths and women (especially migrant families). . It is curated with the aim to ensure that entrepreneurial skills are within the reach of everyone, without limitations of space, education, or financial means.

Entrepreneurship and enterprise creation is the catalyst for a better and resilient economy. However, entrepreneurship is still in its nascency in Nepal.

Hami Udhyami follows the goal of Sustainable Development Goal “Leave no one behind” as the program pivots around gender and social just approaches making it apt for people with no prior knowledge of business and is tailored to suit the needs of every group. Participants are provided with everything they need to successfully start a business through varieties of workshops, courses, leadership sessions, internship placements, and an incubatory program.

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We work in age groups
with personalised exercises


Hami Udhyami is tailored
to the Nepali context

Most courses online and in business schools use examples from outside the country, especially from the West. These examples are unrepresentative of the conditions, context, and characteristics of the entrepreneurial scenario in Nepal.

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We provide both online and offline materials in Nepali and English


We are creating the Hami Udhyami app on Android

at every level

Human-centered design ensures our courses are tailored to individual needs

games & activities

We help at every stage from ideation to investment

Hami Udhyami is a project of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation with support from these organizations.
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